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‘Regulate how godmen promote themselves’


Kolkata, Nov 25 (IANS) Asserting that godmen cannot change lives, motivational speaker and author Jeroninio ‘Jerry’ Almeida advocates the introduction of a regulatory process on the manner in which people like controversial sect leader Rampal promote themselves.

“We have such blind faith in this country thinking godmen would change our lives, which is completely out of the way. There should be regulation on godmen on how they promote themselves. They take people for a ride, use them and usurp power because of the communities that follow them, to even hold the government to ransom as in the case of Rampal,” he said.

“One can be a spiritual guru, but not act as an avatar of god, we need to stop this nonsense altogether,” Almeida told IANS at the Oxford Bookstore here Monday.

Rampal was arrested in Haryana last week after a high-voltage stand-off and clashes between his supporters and the security forces.

Almeida was in the city to launch his book “Karma Kurry- The Hero in Me”, the second in the ‘Karma Kurry’ series. The book is a compilation of heart-warming tales of individuals who right every wrong, overcoming obstacles and triumphing at last.

He, however, respected spiritual leaders who had the humility to admit that could only inspire people and not tell them what to do.

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