Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Recommendation for seizure of licenses of four medical shops in Jamshedpur


Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, May 8: The District Drug Control Bureau team led by Drug Inspectors Rajiv Ekka and Jaya Aind, have been raiding several medicine shops and outlets on reports of selling COVID curative medicines at premium rates. The team has also discovered several anomalies in stock and sales accounting procedures. In many  instances, sale of the essential drugs have not been recorded.

In the course of the raids, the Drug Control Bureau team on Friday checked in at Kauntia Medicals and Priti medical at Sakchi and found large scale procedural anomalies. Records of COVID curative medicines were missing in both the establishments. Other errors were also detected in the course of inspection. The team has taken the matter seriously and has send in its recommendation for the seizure of licenses on these shops to the department.

Earlier, on Wednesday, the Drug Department team raided Balaji Medical in Mango and Pratima Medical on Old Purulia Road where too, various discrepancies were found and the two shops’ licenses were also recommended for seizure to the department.

Rajiv Ekka and Jaya Aind noted, “No anomaly during these disaster times will be tolerated. It is expected of the medicine shop owners to reach out help during this COVID pandemic period so that more people recover.”

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