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Reading newspaper is crucial part of IAS preparation: Kantesh Mishra


Jamshedpur, Sept 14: Kantesh Mishra , who secured All India Rank 103 in the prestigious examination of Civil Services, conducted by UPSC in 2014 visited ETEN ALS IAS, Jamshedpur Center for a motivation session for civil service aspirants.

He belongs to Jamshedpur and had started his preparation in 2012 and he gave his first attempt in 2013, where he reached upto Interview level but could not get through the final selection, however he cracked this prestigious exam of our country in his 2nd attempt, in the year 2014, where he secured Rank 103, and has been qualified to be an IPS in his own home cadre.

He shared his experience with the aspirants and also motivated and guided the students about preparing for this examination in various ways. He said that UPSC gives 26 subjects, out of which, one optional subject can be chosen as per the interest of the candidate.

Secondly, he said that, for choosing the optional, one should also see the availability of the sufficient study materials.

He said that one can also choose a subject, which is common both in the Prelims and Mains papers, e.g., History, Geography, etc, so that, the candidate can take advantage of the common subjects in the General Studies and Essay papers also.

On how to read the newspaper, Mishra advised the aspirants to read the newspaper in proper manner as it is very essential now a days to be updated with the current topics, and not to waste the time by reading the regional news. He also said that reading the editorial section is very important as that can help in setting the mind on how to critically analyse the things and how to see the different perspectives of an individual matter.

He said that preparation for Civil Services Examination is different from other exams and a proper strategy is required to prepare for cracking the same. He advised the aspirants to use the internet judicially, as much information can be gathered from there for further references.

He quoted that “there is no dearth of study materials but, of course there is a dearth of keeping motivated oneself, but what is important that if one can keep motivated himself/herself for this examination, then he/she can Jump up and can pump up their motivation for working towards the goal”.

He said that one need to be well prepared for the static portions of the syllabus as well as the current and contemporary matters. He also said that, one cannot prepare for preliminary and mains examination separately, as it requires integrated preparation. After preliminary exam one should focus more on writing practice then reading only.

He further advised the aspirants on the need to be sensitive while preparing for the exams. “Instead of reading many books, being well versed with the few books which you read will be more helpful as you sit for your exams,”
He stated. “Unlike the past, it is important that you read newspapers, journals, articles and editorials and also surf the internet and check out the government websites,” he said adding that reading newspaper is of paramount importance.

He further said that one can give as much examinations, one can give, like banking, state PCS, CGL, etc. He ended the session by answering the various questions asked by the aspirants from different fields. He quoted, “Get motivated by the story of others but Create your own story”.

Over 60-70 civil services aspirants attended the session and had the privilege to interact with the eminent personality.

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