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Ranchi woman, family tortured over witchcraft slur approaches Padmashree recipient in Seraikela


Seraikela, May 21: Somoroni Lakda, a resident of Hesla Toli village of Ranchi Namkum, who was accused of witchcraft and threatened of murder reached Padmashree Chutni Mahato pleading for justice and safety.

She reached the Family Counseling Center branch office at Birbans in Seraikela-Kharsawan pleadingfor life safety and justice.

Somoroni has told that Yakub Lakda, Alaman Lakda, Baha Lakda, Sandeep Lakda, Mangra Lakda, Badhu Lakda, Chhunia Lakda, Kauthali Lakda, Khamia Lakda, Daswa Lakda, Rohit Lakda, William Lakda, Sajit Tirkey and Pascal Lakda and in front of all the people’s representatives of the Panchayat Samiti, his tenants came to the land and started occupying the land by breaking the wall of the land.

When protested by her and her family members, they proceeded to assault Somroni and his family. Somoroni, her daughter and her husband Patras Lakda were all brutally beaten by the people and dragged in front of everyone. They left after threatening them of murder.

Somoroni has told that if she is not able to run away after beating, they want to throw her out of the village by accusing her of being a witch.

After the death of the Daswa Lakda’s daughter due to some reason, they blamed Somoroni to leave the village after being accused of being a witch. Those people, who have been harassing for many years by stigmatizing them as witches, started abusing them by calling them witches on April 23.

Somoroni has told that her son’s marriage is on June 5. The whole family is very scared due to some untoward incident.

She has appealed to Chutni Mahato for the safety and justice of the family’s life and property.

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