Monday, December 11, 2023

Rajiv Dugal released from Jail after 73 days, Jamshedpur Sikh community accords grand welcome

Jamshedpur: After spending 73 days in jail, Alcor hotel owner and leading industrialist Rajiv Dugal was released from jail. The Sikh community led by Sardar Shailendra Singh accorded him a grand welcome. Talking to the media Dugal said that he has full faith in judiciary and his next plan is to get the hotel office opened.

The High Court had on Monday granted bail to seven people including Dugal in the case related to running of flesh trade at the hotel promises during lockdown. Others who received bail included Dhananjay Kumar Singh, Rajesh Kumar Mangotia alias Ladoo Mangotia, Sharad Poddar, Rajkumar Agarwal alias Raju Bhalotia, Rahul Kumar Agarwal and Deepak Agarwal. In the High Court, 16 advocates pleaded on the bail.

All the accused had been in jail since April 29. The hotel owner Dugal and the railway contractor Mangotia had filed an application in the Jharkhand High Court seeking dismissal of the FIR lodged and relief from the case. An FIR was lodged against the accused at Bistupur police station on the complaint of CCR DSP Arvind Kumar.

On 25 April, Bistupur police team, led by a magistrate had raided the hotel in lockdown. Railway contractor Mangotia, Rajat Jaggi and Deepak Agarwal were caught from the hotel.

Those arrested were´┐Ż The Alcor Hotel’s owner Rajiv Dugal, hotel manager Dhananjay Singh, Sharad Poddar, Rahul Agrawal and the girl who is a resident of Kolkata was staying at the hotel.

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