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Rain in Jamshedpur leaves roads water logged

Jamshedpur, April 27: Jamshedpur got soaked in rain today. The continuous 2 hours rain exposed the civic body’s claims while several parts of the town were swamped again.

Local life was paralysed and residents had to wade through waterlogged roads. All the roads and markets were filled with the waters. Hundreds of vehicles were trapped in the water.

The rain water also reportedly entered many houses and shops in Shastrinagar, Mango and Sakchi. While the Kalimati Road and several other main parts of the city area virtually turned into ponds and foul smell started emanating from the overflowing drains.

Several storm drains were overwhelmed with the volume of water and fallen leaves, causing localized flooding in some city streets. According to information areas like Mango, Jugsalai, Baghbera, Pardih have been worst hit. Water clogging at these areas has made difficult for people to move.

The downpour exposed the woeful drainage system on the city roads. Choked drains resulted in water logging in different parts of the city. Motorists had to struggle to get through the water-logged roads. Notably, it’s not the first time, in every rainy season or even any short rain several main roads and markets in Sakchi, Jugsalai and Mango have turned into pond everytime.

Locals have presented their grievances regarding the cleaning of the severage system and proper water drainage system. But every time they get only assurance.

“Irregular rains have made life difficult for the residents but still there has not been much flooding even in the low-lying areas. We are keeping a vigil look and are prepared to face situation,” said an officer of Jugsalai Municipality Meanwhile resident of Jugsalai complained of water clogging and heap of garbage spread in several nooks and corners of the areas.

Manoj Singh, a shopkeeper at Kalimati Road in Sakchi said, after the rain the main road passing through Howrah Bridge become a river. The poth holes make us cry. Every road of the city is waiting for repair but nobody knows when the local authority will awake from its sleep.

Eqbal, a student in Mango, said though the main road has been repaired but shopkeepers in the footpath throw the left over in the drains and after every rain most of the city’s sewerage gets blocked. “Sewage overflowing from manholes makes our life miserable. The Mango Notified Area Committee system has completely failed,” he added.

Most of the roads are dotted with stalled vehicles, adding to the chaos. In some low lying areas several autos have been reported stranded in water.

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