Friday, March 31, 2023

Railway traffic comes to a halt at Badajamda due to snag in train


Gua: The traffic at Gua Badajamda Main Road came to a standstill on Monday after a goods train came to a sudden halt at the railway level crossing near the Bada Jamda railway station. The jam continued for over a couple of hours.

Sources said the goods train from Barbil passing through the railway level crossing came to a standstill owing to a snag right on the railway level crossing.

This resulted in a long tailback of vehicles waiting for the railway crossing barrier to make way for them. After several hours, the train was taken towards Badajamda. Thereafter the jam was relieved.

Meanwhile, railway sources said that sparks were seen on the overhead high tension cables near railway level crossing towards Badajamda. Taking no risk, the officials stopped all trains on their way.

A team of engineers was soon rushed from Dangwaposi to rectify the snag. The rail traffic soon normalized on the route.

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