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Question on why Saryu avoided filing FIR on Baridih office attack

Huge, silent BJM procession in protest against Baridih attack

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, Nov 5: Criminal elements on Wednesday late evening ransacked Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Roy’s Baridih office and apart from destroying files, papers and furniture, attacked computer operator Amit Sharma with his own helmet. Trying to protect his head from the attack, Sharma’s hands were severely injured. It was alleged that the attackers the attarckers were three in number and each had a pistol.

Tha Jamshedpur Mahanagar Bharatiya Janata Morcha (BJM) members, in protest against the action of the antisocial, took out a silent rally from the Baridih office to Agrico Chowk at 3 pm.  The procession was huge.

On receipt of information of the attack, Saryu Roy rushed back to the Baridih office from Mango. According to information, he had left the office moments before the attack took place. On his arrival at the office, many of his supporters flocked there. Police officials had also reached the spot. However, Saryu Roy forbade his supporters from filing an FIR on the incident. This sort of incident had happened for the first time at his office.  The question that has been elicited out of his refusal to file an FIR on the incident is why the legislator forbade his supporters from filing the report in the police station.

When asked, the legislator said, “What will happen if an FIR is filed? Every day, hundreds of FIRs are filed, so what? What happens? The police have investigated into the incident. The police should themselves take action. If the police are unable to nab the offenders, the people definitely will. “

People in the know of political maneuvers have stated that by not filing an FIR the legislator has tried to surprise his detractors. They believe that Saryu Roy wants to know for sure who were involved in the attack and the reason thereof.

It is to be ascertained if the act was an outcome of some political ploy or was it due to some addicts being incited into letting loose the bedlam that happened at the legislator’s Baridih office on Wednesday late evening.

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