Friday, March 31, 2023

Purnima Netralaya successfully operates patient suffering from major eye disease


Jamshedpur, May 31: Mohan Karmakar, a 39 year old man working with the mining industry, suffering from major eye disease was successfully operated by Dr. Rahul Bahekar (Retina Surgeon) at Purnima Netralaya on May 29.

According to Dr Rahul, resident of Surda Tamajuri village in Jadugora, Mohan first visited the hospital on May 24 complaining about decreased vision and was also declared unfit for his job.

‘As I was examining the patient, I found a stone particle inside his eye. When asked about the complete history of the patient, he said that he had history of trauma to his left eye 10 years back after which he applied local medication but didn’t consulted a doctor’, said Dr. Rahul Bahekar.

Dr. Rahul further said that the foreign body particle hit his left eye and got stuck while he was working after which corneal entry wound got self sealed, closed.
He went on to say that the particle moves very fast through air and gets inert (self sterilized) but no infection happened to patient’s eye in the last 10 years.

Dr. Rahul removed the stone particle (4/3/2 mm) from his eye along with the cataract and new intra ocular lens have been implanted. ‘Mohan has been keeping well, soon he will completely recover and be able to attend his duty in a week’, added Dr. Rahul.

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