Saturday, April 17, 2021

Protest at Tata Motors gate against alleged assault of ITI trainee

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Jamshedpur, Oct 17: Unruly scenes marked the day at Tata Motors’ Jamshedpur plant following alleged assault of an ITI trainee at the plant this morning. 

Following the incident the trainees of the company along with the local leader Dhurandhar Tripathy staged mass demonstration at the company’s gate.

According to the information, the ITI workers have alleged the company management of involving them as full time workers while they are paid stipend as the trainee worker. One of ITI workers today refused to work fulltime in production process following which there was a heated argument.

Tripathi who is working for the rights of ITI said that the company officials thrashed the workers for refusing to work in full time production. “There are 4000 ITI workers who are being exploited by the company. We have been protesting against the company’s management.

However, today the company officials crossed the limit”. Meanwhile, the ITI worker has been admitted at Tata Motors Hospital. One of the ITI trainee also complained that the company management made us work on Sunday saying there would be 5-day holiday during puja but when we came to work on Saturday we saw a notice which read only 3-day holiday.

This issue was also taken up with the management during the protest followed the company issued 4-day notice during puja.

A company official denied the accusation of assault. He said that the ITI workers are framing charges to pressurize the management to make them permanent employee. He said that the matter will be investigated.    

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