Thursday, June 8, 2023

Pollution and increased human activities take toll on migratory birds count


Jamshedpur : Migratory birds, who generally arrive by the end of November, are yet to make their appearance felt at the water bodies of Jamshedpur and nearby locations, forcing experts to ponder over the reasons behind it.

The flight of migratory birds to the city from Russia, Baluchistan, Myanmar and the foothills of Himalaya has got delayed this season. However with the spotting of some of the rare birds, the bird lovers are cheering. Among the popular varieties that are sighted include Ruddy Shelducks, Great Crested Grebes, Coots, Tufted Pochards and Bar-Headed Geese.

An official of Tata Steel Zoological Park said that the birds may have changed their route to somewhere else. In fact, the Jayanti Sarovar at Jubilee Park saw very few winged guests last winter.

City-based ornithologist K.K. Sharma, however, seemed optimistic. �It�s true that migratory birds should have been here by this time of the year but let us wait till this month or mid-January next year. The Jayanti sarovar is no longer a favourite yet temporary abode for feathered guests but I am not losing hope,� he told . He confirmed the birds are yet to arrive at other water bodies in the city and Sitarampur dam.

Meanwhile, Bird Watchers Club at XLRI that also keeps a track on the birds informed that they have spotted some of the migratory birds near their campuses.

�Every year we have spotted numbers of birds at our campus area. This year too we have tracked some of the rare birds that migrate from colder regions. Though due to noise pollution the numbers have diminished over the years but this year the numbers are good,� said a member.

Rajesh Nath, a city-based avid bird watcher said that extreme cold conditions force these birds out of their habitation during the winter season.

�Migratory birds generally come from South-East Asia and the Siberian region which, at this time of year, reels under severely cold conditions.

To protect themselves, these birds migrate thousands mile to warm regions. They stay for four months of winter and then return to their original homeland,� he added.

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