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Police launch drive to check traffic rules violation

Jamshedpur, Jan. 24: After a brief hiatus, the Jamshedpur police have once again intensified the drive against vehicle owners violating traffic rules and regulations in the city.

Several car owners driving the swanky four-wheelers without wearing the mandatory seat belts were fined along with the two-wheeler owners and auto-rickshaws who were equally penalized for driving their vehicles without adhering to the traffic safety guidelines.

The drive launched by the district traffic police to make people aware of the vehicular traffic, particularly cars and two-wheelers, about the fatal consequences of not adhering to the safety rules on the street,
witnessed scores of vehicle owners being caught by the traffic cops for disobeying the mandatory safety rules on Saturday.

“Since I was bit careless to put on the seat belt I had to pay for the mistake. Will always fasten the seat belt when drive on the street,” said 37-year-old Abhishek Singh whose car was caught by the Bistupur traffic police near Regal Building roundabout.

Even entrepreneur S K Sinha whose SUV was caught by the traffic police in Sakchi reacted on the same lines. “I am particular about wearing the seat belt but due to some reasons I forgot to put on the belt when I began my journey from home this morning. Shall not do the mistake next time,” said Sinha.

The traffic police that carried out the drive across the city collected over Rs. 90,000 in fine by penalizing the offending vehicles. In all, close to two dozen cars and over 120 two-wheelers and several auto-rickshaws were fined by the traffic police.

“Tomorrow and day after being festival we will not carry the drive however from Sunday onwards we will resume the drive to aware the vehicular traffic about the merits of following safety rules,” said Deputy Superintendent of Police, Traffic, Vivekanand Thakur.

Several car drivers and two-wheeler drivers who were caught talking over mobile phone while driving were also penalized by the cops. Besides, triple-ride on two-wheeler also faced the action of the police.

“Ultimate objective of the drive is to make you safe on the street and people should support us in our endeavor,” said a traffic inspector at Bistupur.

“Helmet for pillion riders’ rule is very good one if this is implemented. But even existing ‘helmet for bikers rule’ is not followed here and police don’t care. As things stand the traffic rules are always violated by people and police ignore.

To see whether or not the traffic rules are followed they run their so-called special drive and then go for rest,” said a college going student Ravi Kumar.

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