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Police bust inter-state bike theft gangs, 8 arrested

Jamshedpur, March 22: Police busted two inter-state gangs involved in bike lifting by arresting eight persons and recovering 14 stolen bikes from the Bankura district in West Bengal, Patna and different areas of the steel city during the past 24 hours.

Those arrested have been identified as Avinash Kumar of Sitaramdera, Govinda Dey of Sidhgora, Bhola Mahato of Parsudih, Mohammed Asraf of Mango and Akhilesh Kumar Sao of Sitamdera. The three others include Mahadev Tantubai and Nihar Ranjan Das of Bankura, West Bengal, and Sanjay Kumar Singh Vaishali, Bihar. The last three accused bought the stolen motorcycles.

East Singhbhum district SSP, Anoop T Mathew said that a gang of three bike lifters was busted on Sunday morning, while they were trying to steal a bike from the ECC flat area.

“They were trying to steal the bike from the ECC flat premises, when some local youths raised alarm. After holding them up, the youths checked their trouser pockets and found more than one master key. The local youths then informed the police,” said Mathew.

Police recovered 10 motorcycles after three members of the gang were arrested trying to steal a motorcycle. In addition, the police recovered 10 motorcycles and four master keys. A case has been registered in this connection with the Kadma police station on Monday, March 21.

Police also recovered three motorcycles from possession of Ashraf against a case registered with the Mango police station on March 17, while one motorcycle was recovered from Akhilesh Kumar Sao during surprise checking in Bistupur against a case registered with the Sakchi police station on October 26, 2015.

The senior SP said that during the interrogation, Govinda (32), who was leading the gang, confessed that they would steal bikes and from residential areas and marketplaces in the city and would sell them to people living in the rural areas of Bengal.

“Govinda who stays at Telco area of the city confessed to have stolen 10 bikes during the past 15 days and to have sold them at throw away prices to people living in Bankura district of West Bengal.

At the instance of Govinda, we sent a team of police officers to Bankura and recovered the eight stolen bikes from as many people,” said Mathew, while talking to newsmen today. He said during the raids at Bankura they picked up two buyers, namely Mahadev Tantubai and Nihar Ranjan Das with the stolen bikes that they had bought from the gang run by Govinda.

Mathew further said the police succeeded in busting another gang of bike-lifters as they conducted a surprise checking on the road in front of ADL Sunshine School at Sakchi on Sunday evening. During the checking a youth, Akhilesh Kumar Sao was nabbed with a stolen bike.

The senior SP pointed out that the gang led by Akhilesh had picked up a bike worth Rs 1.5 lakh from Sakchi a fortnight ago and sold it for Rs 14,000 to a man identified as Sanjay Kumar Singh in Patna. He informed that the buyer of the stolen bike has also been arrested.

A senior officer said that the police administration is concerned over the situation and have taken measures like night patrolling and installation of barricades where police officials keep strict vigilance.

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