Sunday, December 10, 2023

People of Jamshedpur have deep understanding of music: Suresh Wadkar

Can�t sing just anything to meet public demand, says the playback singer

Jamshedpur: The current music directors of Bollywood are not confident. They feel insecure and this is why meaningless songs are being written and sung. This was observed by the renowned playback singer Suresh Wadkar on Wednesday.

Speaking to journalists at a hotel in Bistupur, Wadkar said preserving the musical heritage of India is the duty of one and all. �You just cannot serve people whatever you feel like in the name of fulfilling public demand. One should not blame the people for the deteriorating quality of music. This is the reason why today�s songs are good, but not outstanding or enduring. There is little variety in today�s music. Most of the songs sound similar. This has also made it difficult for many good singers to get work,� he said.

Wadkar expressed hope that very soon the Indian music will return to its �melodious� type. Recalling his first visit to Jamshedpur, he said, �I first came here in 1968-69. I was 12 then. I had come here with my guru Pundit Jiyalal Basant at a children�s orchestra. We had performed in Tata Steel. After that, I came here to meet CM Raghubar Das some seven months ago. The CM had invited me to give a performance at the sun temple on the occasion of Chhath.�

Wadkar said he was both surprised and impressed by the people of the city. �People here asked me to sing some of the songs that I believe have a great depth. It is pleasantly surprising to know that they are fond of good music. I have now become their fan,� he said.

Recalling his years of singing with melody queen and stalwart Lata Mangeshkar, Wadkar said, �Before every recording with Latajee, I used to rehearse five to six times. Despite this, I would be under great pressure to make sure I do not commit any mistake.�

Asked about his favourite song, Wadkar said, �I like offbeat songs such as seene mein jalan.�

Wadkar said even today he performs riyaz (practice) for three to four years every day. According to him, no singer ever stops singing completely.

�Lata Mangeshkar sang for 85 years. I have been singing for the last 40 years. But one should get offers of songs that one likes to sing. My bhajans, music albums and songs are being released in Marathi and Odiya,� he said.

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