Saturday, December 2, 2023

PDS dealer accused of irregularities including black marketeering

Mail News Service

Gamharia, Sept 30: PDS shopkeeper Ashok Gupta has been accused of several irregularities including black marketeering of food grains meant for public distribution among ration card holders. The card holders have registered their written complaints with higher district officials and the District Supply Officer. The beneficiaries complained of Gupta not opening his shop on time or opening irregularly, behaving rudely, forcing them to accept substandard food grains instead of those actually provided for distribution, entering delivery of food grains to card hoders in the register without delivery and selling the sanctioned food grains and other commodities meant for public distribution in the black market.

Today when the card holders lined up to collect their ration from Ashok Gupta�s PDS shop in Kandra, he behaved roughly with them and offered substandard quality supplies. This infuriated the beneficiaries and they raised a ruckus in front of the shop. They shouted slogans against the shopkeeper Ashok Gupta and the officials concerned and later went to the DSO�s office where they put in a written complaint against the PDS shopkeeper.

It may be mentioned here that complaints against Ashok Gupta for his shady deals during the lockdown period had led the DSO to initiate a probe against him but that order has till date, been swept under the carpet.

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