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PDS aims to ensure food security to the poor: PDS Secretary

Ranchi, Dec. 21: PDS Secretary VInay Kumar Choubey said that the main aim of PDS is to ensure food security which includes providing food to the poor people of the State at subsidized rates.

The Secretary said that grain are distributed through UID based hand held device at Govindpur block in Dhanbad & after the success of this scheme, tender on B.O.O. model for the purchase of HHD has been published. Supply chain management & fund transfer at PDS has been started in Ranchi on pilot basis.

It will be implemented in the state soon. Moreover, purchase order has been placed to buy 300 weighing machines which will start operating from January. He said that the bulk godown managers will be provided tablet for distribution & lifting of grains. The department has been awarded with CSI Nihilent E- Governance Award 2015.

He said that the food security act has been regularized from 1st October 2015 & the 42,52,408 families brought under Food Security Act comprising 1,96, 03,223 beneficiaries are being provided 5 Kg rice/ wheat @ Rs. 1 a kilo whereas 9,17,751 antyodaya families are being provided 35 kg rice /wheat at the rate of Rs. 1 per kilo every month. He said that 35,09,843 families are being distributed with lac 30 thousand ton grain on subsidized rate.

The secretary said that the state govt. is running 370 Dal Bhat booths without getting aid from the central govt. Moreover, Dal Bhat Yojana has to be run at night also which has started working in the capital. He said that tender has been floated through NCDEX under reserve auction method for providing salt at subsidized rate. At the adoption of this process, the govt. has got salt at an average of Rs. 574.46 in comparison to Rs. 1247 last year. He said that the distribution of salt will be started soon.

The secretary said that the paddy procurement process has been revised & paddy procurement has been started from 1st December, 2015. He said that paddy procurement in 13 districts of the North Chotanagpur & Santhal Pargana will be done by Food Corporation, Jharkhand whereas 11 districts of South Chotanagpur & Palamu will be done by FCI. Moreover, farmers will be paid through account payee cheque or NEFT.

He said that sugar is provided at a subsidized rate of Rs. 18.45 per kg & the govt. is going to do DBT of kerosene oil.

6800 BPL families have been given free LPG connection & the remaining will be provided by January. He said that the govt. has increased the shopkeeperís commission from Rs. 45 per quintal to Rs. 80. He said that the govt. will award the institutions / people working for consumer awareness on every 24th December.

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