Monday, December 4, 2023

Pappu Sardar wants youth to worship their parents on Valentine�s Day

Jamshedpur : Pappu Sardar, the well-known fan of the Bollywood heartthrob Madhuri Dixit wants youth to worship their parents on Valentine�s Day.Pappu is known for celebrating Madhuri’s birthday since mid-90s and shot into the limelight for his attraction towards the actress. On Sunday distributed special cards urging youths to worship their parents rather than wasting time and money on fake friends.

� There is a dire need for kids and young adults to express love for their parents and keeping that in mind, Valentine�s Day should be celebrated as worship day,� he said while educating youths at commercial hub of Sakchi.

He said that couples face stiff resistance from members of moral policing brigade for expressing their love publicly on Valentine Day.There should not be costly cards or expensive gift materials to present to their Valentines however, a message worth million dollars must be exchanged between the youths that would probably, go a long way in shaping the characters of the potential executives and administrators of the country.

He noted that the youths worshipping their parents, mother and father, for giving them this privileged life, a
life to enjoy the beautiful environment around them and to become educated, responsible and sensitive human being, above all.

“The basic purpose behind spreading message on Valentine’s Day is to ensure the young minds inculcate the values and ideals of our rich Indian culture and, don’t just get swayed by the imported festivals promoted largely, by the multi national companies,” said Pappu.

Ankita Sharma, a fan of Madhuri Dixit said :”I am happy to say that Pappuji is celebrating Valentine Day in a unique style. For the rest in the world this day might mean something romantic to say, but for us our parents play true Valentine today, as we look up to them and worship them for giving us a good life�.

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