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Overwhelming festive mood in Jamshedpur, devotees flock to Durga Puja pandals  

Jamshedpur, Oct 3: The city is immersed in festive fervour these days. Amid festive mood, dressed in their best, people of the city today thronged at puja pandals to make offering to the deities.

Bagbera Road No 4

Devotees in large numbers visited the colourfully decorated pandals in the evening and were overjoyed as cultural programmes began at all prominent pandals.


With about 350 puja pandals adoring, the city has turned into an exotic location where radiant faces of the people speak volumes of the importance of the festival.

Burmamines Durga Puja Committee

The artistically carved idols of Goddess Durga are also attracting the devotees a lot.

Circus Maidan Golmuri

The entire city is bubbling with joy and enthusiasm; be it a child or an adult everyone has zeroed on his/her plans to make celebrations all the more special.

Dholakpur Baridih

But amidst all the celebrations, the true colour of the festival lies in the worship of Goddess Durga and the various rituals associated with it.

Ghasi Club Bistupur

The fervour of Durga Puja-the biggest festival -started amid beating of ‘dhak’ (local drums), pandalhopping and cultural functions at various marquees.


On the other hand the Ram Mandir Ravan Dahan Samity in Sonari is gearing up for the age old rituals of Ravaan Dahan.

Jairam Youth Sporting Club, Adityapur

This year the Ravan will be 50 ft high and viewers will enjoy the legend of good winning over evil once again. 

Aambagan Maidan, Sakchi

The tradition of the dahan, held on the Ram Mandir grounds, first began in 1958. 

Manimela Ground, Contractors Area, Bistupur

The firecrackers for the one-hour show have been procured at a cost of Rs 40,000.

Sakchi Bazar Puja Committee near Palang Market

Like every year, the Samity expects a crowd of about 50, 000. 

Sidgora Ghadda Maidan

Apart from carrying the tradition forward and entertaining the people, the Samity also takes care of the safety of people.

Thakur Pyara Singh Dhurandhar Singh, Kasidih

The firecrackers are always fixed on a certain height in order to avoid accidents.

Utkal Durga Puja Committee, Kadma

Meanwhile various puja committees are taking innovative steps to attract devotees. From skits to musical show a lot of ideas are being used this year.

The Circuit House Area puja committee, which is one of the oldest pandals in the city, is known for organising cultural events.

People were seen standing in long queues in front of the pandals for their turn for darshan of the Goddess.

Huge rush of devotees was seen at the pandals of Jay Ram Sporting Club in Adityapur and Thakur Pyara Singh and Dharundhar Singh in Kashidih.

For many pujas, it is also an occasion for ‘home coming’. A large number of students pursuing higher education in metro cities, look forward every year to come back home and spend time at home during the puja.

This year too a bunch of youths are in city visiting the city and enjoying every moment of it.

Shudhanshu Kumar, a BCom student studying in Mumbai, says “For me pujas are more than just a festival.

It is that time of year which gives me a moment to meet my old friends. Spending days during pujas remain etched in the heart forever.

“It is simply impossible to describe the atmosphere of Durga Puja in Jamshedpur to someone who has not seen it for himself or herself,” he noted.

“Our city turns into an exotic location where radiant faces of the people speak volumes of the importance of the festival.

Utkal Durga Puja Committee, Kadma

The entire city of Jamshedpur turns into a fairground during the four days of Puja with almost everyone coming out of their houses to attend community functions,” said Pratima Chatterjee, who is pursuing her higher studies in Kolkata.

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