Wednesday, December 8, 2021

One day workshop on lithium battery recycling at NML

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Jamshedpur, Nov 25: A one-day industry meet on lithium battery recycling was organized at National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML) on Thursday, November 25. Dr I Chattoraj, Director, NML, Dr RP Singh, CSIR HQ, New Delhi and Dr  Sanjay Kumar. Director, NML mentioned the importance this event had because of demand of lithium in India. Dr Singh deliberated on the need of LIB recycling in India to produce metals like lithium, nickel, cobalt and manganese, so that the 100 MW battery manufacturing plant at CSIR-CECRI Karaikudi could be self-sufficient. Dr Sanjay Kumar mentioned about the vision of CSIR for strategic metals and the advances in NML for such technologies. Dr Abhilash emphasised the motto of the event to bring in more start-ups to take up NML technology for LIB recycling.

The presentation from Li-Cycle from the US mentioned of its development in LIB recycling, which paved the way for strong discussion and aspirations among the Indian participants. There was a presentation from Argus Media and Benchmark Intelligence, that drew the participants’ attention to the demand for battery metals globally with special attention to India and Asia.

The event was attended by 27 organisations outside the CSIR domain. Some of them were Renault-Nissan, Star Exports, SD Auto, Auto Fibre Craft, Remap Technologies, Hira Ferro Alloys, E-Reclaim, Li-Circle, among others.

The camp was also addressed by Rishabh Chopra (Li-Cycle), N. Kaalaselvi (CECRI), Pratima Meshram (CSIR-NML), Sushma Mothraina (SME Forum), Arpita De (ICEA), Manish Dua (Benchmark), Will Talbot (Argus), Debi Dash (IESA) and Dr Subramani from Renault Nissan.

The event included an exclusive lab scale demonstration of the CSIR- NML holistic process for lithium battery recycling that could extract all metals including Li, Ni, Co, Mn, Al, Cu and graphite from spent batteries of mixed chemistries.

After the visit to the recycling lab, there was an exclusive industry pitch session (chaired by Director, CSIR-NML, Dr RP Singh, Dr SK Pal and Dr TC Alex) that was highly appreciated by industries’ representatives who pitched their problems, scenario analysis and mode of collaboration, issues in dismantling, availability of batteries, purity issues and other related facets. The session paved the way for a long time collaboration among NML and the companies and institutions present.

The event concluded with the signing of agreements with two start-ups, Remap Technologies and Star Exports, who will soon be a technology licensee with CSIR-NML for lithium battery recycling. The valedictory session ended with a vote of thanks offered by Dr Abhilash.

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