Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Odisha artists perform at Kali Puja immersion

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Jamshedpur : Wearing traditional dresses the Santhali artists from Odisha danced during the Kali Puja immersion process at Parsudih. Wearing traditional costumes they swayed to the beats.

Organized by Sri Sri Kali Puja Puja Committee Parsudih market. Gopinath Murmu led a team of 70 people that came from Odisha. On the occasion , Jayanto Dhar , Dhiraj Yadav , Viplav Bose , , Supriyo Das , Kaushik Debnath , Abhijit Dutta , Govindon Dutta , Swapan Das , Sushanto and Chotte Lal Mandal were present.

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