Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Nurses at TMH Jamshedpur take pride in serving society during Covid crisis

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May 12 is International Nurses Day

Jamshedpur, May 11: Nurses play a pivotal part in achieving the healthcare goals by being the most important link in the process of  health care delivery. 

Their critical roles and responsibilities have doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic as they continue to be at the front line of patient care in hospitals and actively involved with evaluation and monitoring in the community.

Every year May 12, the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, is observed as International Nurses Day.

Caring for COVID-19 patients TMH nurses share their experiences as they try to keep the patients motivated towards their path of recovery and have satisfaction of serving the society at a time of crisis.

Working in a hospital was always challenging and I enjoy my job. This pandemic has caused distancing between hearts than social distancing. Irony of the situation is that people are afraid to touch their loved ones, knowing they might never see them again. Covid19 has bitter experiences. I have seen a mother tested negative, isolated with a positive child. An elderly couple tested positive staying alone as their son is afraid to visit them. This virus has illuminated that I am an important creation by god and today is what matters. Eat what you Love. Wear what you Like, Go where you Want and Forgive who have hurt you, says Reena Rajesh, Nurse, TMH Jamshedpur.

“Nurses welcome new life and provide support when life is lost’. Nurses are the frontline defence in the healthcare world and are the forefront of a pandemic. As a nurse in the emergency department our work is extremely challenging. We had to function with minimum staff and prevent rapid spread/ exposure to the infection. Fifty- percent of the working efficiency gets compromised wearing PPE. All leaves were cancelled, the heat built wearing PPE, difficulty in breathing wearing a mask did not become setbacks, instead our passion towards our work made us work selflessly. I have never been as proud as I am today. Please be safe, wear mask, wash your hands and maintain social distancing,” said Amrita Kumari, Nurse, TMH Jamshedpur.

Another TMH Jamshedpur nurse P Sneha, sharing her experience said, “When the lockdown was imposed. there was only hope and hospital”. I had to leave my family during the tough times and desired to continue my duties with full devotion. During summers. we were wrapped up with PPEs, N95 mask and FaceShield leading to suffocation and exhaustion. The patients in ICU are dependent on us and exposure to the virus is high. Except us, people have worked from home and spent time with their families. Whenever i was scared, I was reminded of my son’s words- “Mumma, Virus ko injection laga dena. You are my hero”.

Sneha urges all to follow COVID- 19 norms and give them a chance to be free from the suffocating PPE’s.

Nurses feel that during these tough times, the society needs their support and dedication.

“Being a frontline warrior, I feel proud to serve the society. taking inspiration from Florence Nightingale. It was on the fateful day of March 3, 1989 my father suffered 60% burns in the fire that broke out in Tata Steel. With Almighty’s grace and support from the doctors and nurses, he survived. I was sixteen at that time and decided to serve the society. There is always a doubt that I might affect my family health-wise in the long run, but with positivity and the zeal I have overcome those fears. I would urge everyone to come together in this fight against the pandemic for building a healthier tomorrow,” noted Tala Tudu, Nurse, TMH Jamshedpur.

“I joined Tata Steel Hospital in January 2021 as a nurse. I can converse in HO fluently and make locals feel comfortable at our hospital. I communicate in HO with locals and translate their requirements to doctors in Hindi. My connect with the locals has especially been helpful in treating them during the pandemic,” says Shukurmuni Balmuchu, Nurse, TMH Noamundi.

Nurse Mayanti Munduiya from TMH Noamundi stated, “I and several other nurses were recruited at Tata Steel Hospital, Noamundi not only because of our expertise in nursing but also because we had a good command over HO which is the native tribal language. We are able to provide a better experience to the locals of Noamundi and nearby villages who primarily speak HO.

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