Saturday, May 8, 2021

Nukkad natak spreads dengue awareness in Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur, Sept. 21: Dengue Mosquitoes or Aedes agypti or Tiger Mosquito are in your home and courtyard, not outside.

Its flying range is around only 100 meters from the breeding point .They hide behind curtains, under sinks, in the pots and everywhere else. There is absolutely no way that your posh apartment can really protect you.

In every home, you will find plants, flowerpots, toilet bowls and cisterns, ornamental containers, etc. Look closer they breed and hide behind these curtains, Sofas, Hanging cloth etc are the safe havens of mosquitoes.

To make the community aware about dengue mosquitoes, Jusco organised a Nukkad Natak, a very old and strong medium to aware affected community to change his behaviour accordingly.

On Wednesday the nukkad natak was staged at Sitaram Dera, Baradwari flats, Devnagar and Swarnrekha flats. Nukkad natak will also be staged on Thursday and Friday.

Mosquito take 8-9 days to become adult from egg-larvae-pupae stage. Any agency cannot able to visit the each and every house for breeding destroying work.

On the occasion Jusco PHS team appealed the Jamshedpur citizen to change their habit and spare only 10 minutes for their own house to check stagnant water for drying.

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