Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Now lodge your complaint with Jamshedpur police via WhatsApp

Jamshedpur, Aug. 2: The Jamshedpur police on Tuesday launched a new initiative to register complaints through WhatsApp messenger. “We have started the ‘citizen police connect program’ and connected all sub-inspector rank officers through WhatsApp number 7091091825.

“Through this number, people of Jamshedpur can complain, report, suggest or update the police about any criminal incident in their areas through audio, video clipping or images,” East Singhbhum SSP Anoop T Mathew said.

He said the police will swing into action as soon as any information related to crime, harassment of women, eve-teasing, traffic, law and order is received.

“The new initiatives, including WhatsApp messenger, will help police in getting relevant and timely information, which will help in the arrest those involved in illegal activities,” he said.

Requesting people to provide details about crime, traffic gridlocks, accidents or any other anti-social activities through WhatsApp Mathew said the department will use the application as a tool to curb crime.

The WhatsApp number is directly connected to the control room in the SSP office. Complaints can be made by a text message, photos or video clippings. Names of complainants will be kept confidential.

Residents can inform the police by messaging on the same number before going on a long leave. The officer promised quick and prompt action on complaints/information received through WhatsApp.

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