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NIT Jamshedpur advocates Eco-friendly transportation on World Cycle Day

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Jamshedpur, May 3: On the occasion of World Cycle Day declared by the United Nations General Assembly, students, teachers and staff join hands to pedal for a cause. On the occasion of World Bicycle Day, a large number of employees of the institute gathered in front of the administrative building of the institute with their bicycles at six in the morning. The cycle rally was inaugurated by Dr Goutam Sutradhar, director of the institute by showing green flag and while addressing on the occasion said that we all should use cycle in our daily activities. Appealing to spread awareness about the benefits of using cycles to health and environment, he said that not only do we keep ourselves fit and healthy by cycling, but also you participate in nation building. 

Dr. Sutradhar said that every year we use crores of dollars of petrol and diesel in our vehicles, if we use cycles in our daily work, then the country can save crores of dollars from the use of diesel petrol and that rupee The use can be spent on the country’s infrastructure and other development works, as well as diesel and petrol wells and can protect the environment, trees, plants and human health by reducing carbon emissions. Underlining the importance of using a bicycle, he said that after an age there is a problem of knee pain, so cycling strengthens the knee and the possibility of pain can be avoided to a great extent. 

In the program, Colonel (Dr.) Nishith Kumar Rai, the registrar of the institute, also boosted everyone’s morale and told that by cycling daily, your body’s immune system is good and your mind is more active, so everyone should ride a bicycle for at least 30 minutes daily.  He said that cycling is not only the best exercise but also helps in saving money. 

The participants of the cycle rally cycled from the front of the administrative building of the institute to all the hostels, residential premises and the main gate with great enthusiasm and came back in front of the administrative building and concluded the cycle rally. On this occasion, Dr. Jainendra Kumar, the coordinator of the program, welcomed all the participants by giving them face masks and cold drinks. Public relations officer of the institute, Sunil Kumar Bhagat was present on the occasion.

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