Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Night patrolling to intensify in Jamshedpur

City SP convenes crime meeting
: A series of burglaries in the city during past few months has prompted the police to take some immediate measures to curb the menace.

Thefts not only in residential areas but also in commercial establishments have been reported as a major section of the police force was away on election duty for the last few weeks.

The police administration has decided to increase night patrolling in the city, especially in Mango and Sakchi localities of the city.

The decision was a crime meeting held by superintendent of police (city) Kartik S at his chamber on Sunday morning. Superintendents of police, circle inspectors and officers-in-charge of various police stations participated in the meeting.

The police officials expressed happiness over peaceful conduct of Diwali and Chhath. However, the City SP expressed his concern over the spate of thefts and burglaries in the city, especially at Mango and Sakchi localities.

“We compared the criminal incidents and mishaps taken places during the festivals of Diwali and Chhath this year with that of last year. Though the performance of the police during the two major festival was found satisfactory this year, but we need to increase the vigil,” said Karthik.

The senior police officer said that now the Muharram is slated to be observed on November 16 and said that the district police will have to be equally cautious to ensure that this festival passes off peacefully.

“One police officer from the police station concerned would keep an eye on the movement of constables deployed at different places under the system,” a police official informed. These constables would keep an eye on suspicious elements moving in night and check them.

Officials said that constables on foot would be deployed in a stretch of every one km for patrolling. Several other constables would be deployed for the purpose, besides patrolling by the local police.

“Burglaries have increased during the winter as many families are away on vacation. Now that the election process is over, the manpower position is back to normality. Specially constituted patrolling squads have already been deployed under the limits of the Mango and Sakchi,” said police official.

He, however, stressed upon developing intelligence gathering machinaries and intensifying patrolling around midnight.
In the past one week, at least seven cases of burglary have been reported in the city and the suburbs.

Most of the incidents happened in posh areas of Mango and Sakchi.

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