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New strain of Corona frightened the whole world

By Lalit Garg

The fear of the emergence of a new strain of corona has created new tensions and worries in the world. Concern has also increased because there is a possibility of the rapid spread of this alleged new type of epidemic. The question is whether the apprehensions, anxieties, panic-tense situations are real or blank is imaginary. Whatever the situation, the world needs to be vigilant and careful. Just as we fought the Corona epidemic and defeated it, in the same way, the new form of Corona will also have to be defeated with full morale, patience, determination and restraint, somewhere our fear, tension and cheeky fantasies are the reason for the rise of this epidemic.

Europe has distanced itself from Britain for the first time after the threat of this strain; emerging as a threat. France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Turkey, Canada and Israel, including India, have also stopped flights coming to Britain. Naturally, no country in the world will accept any new type of epidemic strain at all. In this scenario, the concern of a large country like India is also legitimate, because India has a deep association with Britain. There is also a lot of traffic between the two countries, a large population of India lives in Britain, so it is natural to have panic and tension about this new form of corona in the world including India.

 India has also banned airlines coming from Britain till 31 December. However, the Union Health Minister, Dr. Harshvardhan has assured the people that there is no need to panic. He has even said that these are imaginary situations, imaginary things, these are imaginary concerns. Keep yourself away from them. The Government of India is fully aware of everything. We have learned a lot in the past one year. ”But it is prudent to take the call of danger seriously.

The British government warned that the new strain of the virus was out of control. It spreads 70 percent faster than the current coronavirus. After fast-growing cases in London and South England, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided to impose the tightest lockdown ever with strict restrictions on the rate of infection. But the strain is more deadly, evidence has not yet been found. Nevertheless, there is a widespread movement in countries around the world to stop this new strain of virus coming from Britain, due to which discussions are being held on various possibilities.

The level of concern in India can also be understood from the fact that a meeting of the Joint Monitoring Group has been called to discuss ways to deal with this new crisis. The stock markets of the world and India have also been adversely affected. The big question is whether the new type of Corona has really attacked Britain? Scientists should get to the bottom of it, is it just a matter of increasing some symptoms of the epidemic or the virus has taken some new form? Britain may be in a condition of lockdown, but no country in the world would want a lockdown anymore, and the Government of India would not in any case. Britain is a comparatively small country, its total population is not even seven crore, but India is the second most densely populated country in the world in terms of population.

Therefore, India needs to be more vigilant under any circumstances. If the central government is cautious, it simply means that there will be a check on the airports. It should be remembered that in India, Corona came from abroad and was initially lax at airports, so now the decision to stop flights from Europe is a good decision. After extensive efforts, not only the corona infection has been decreasing in India for the last few months, but the number of people who have lost their lives has also decreased. We can say that the infection is under control here, in such a situation, India should be very careful about the new threat coming from any country.

At this point, thinking emerges whether we go to the right, if we want to avoid the coming crisis, then we need strong morale. All the texts from the Gita to the people tell us that “morale” is the power that saves a person from such crises and leads him to the goal of a safe life. Strong morale has an ability to shape up human life. It has the power to create light in the dark times and maintains man even in the worst state. Otherwise, we become weak and weakened under the pretext of stress, fear, apprehension and panic. We have seen how the corona epidemic has bowed in the face of firm determination; lethal obstacles have come down, coming out of the corona.

 When a man understands that he cannot do any work, then there is no philosophical theory of the world with the help of which he can do that work. It is an accepted truth that the tasks accomplished by strong morale are not done by any other human qualities. Therefore, not only India but the whole world will be ready to defeat this strain of virus. For this, along with government efforts, restrictions and medical undertakings, morale will have to be maintained, restraint will have to be exercised. Abstinence does not mean abandonment. Abstinence means development of morale. Development of willpower. No restraint, no determination, no morale, so what is life? Is only extinguished ash. Then it is a life of death, a life of fear. We have to come out of fear and apprehension.

A secluded lane of the village. The silence of the night. A person is returning to his home. The dog barks in the street. Man gets scared. The mere fear of dog bite gets frightened. He thinks nothing at that time and then he picks up a stone holding firmly in the palm, he slowly moves forward and passes the dog barking and reaches home.

This stone is only – morale, determination, restraint, through which the new version of Corona can be defeated.

(Lalit Garg is a Journalist, columnist, writer and member of Rajbhasa samiti, Ministry of Home Affairs. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at [email protected])

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