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New parking zones to come up in city to meet traffic chaos


Jamshedpur, March 29: Parking hassles on major roads of the city will be a thing of past soon. Jusco, which looks after civic needs in company lease areas, has started constructing parking bays to ensure easy parking facilities.

In the first phase, the double-lane Sakchi-Purulia Road linking commercial hub Sakchi with Mango will get a parking bay by mid-April. Taking a major step in this direction, Jusco has started constructing parking bays alongside the 300 meter stretch of the 2 km road which witnesses more than 100,000 vehicles, including town buses and autos ferrying passengers from Sakchi to Mango and Sitaramdera bus terminus.

Incidentally, the stretch is dotted with ATM kiosks, showrooms, garment stores, and The Bengal Club witness illegal parking on road by visitors to these joints which leads to traffic congestion and increase threat of mishaps.

Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee (JNAC) special officer Dipak Sahay said that the construction of the parking bays has already started on this stretch by Jusco and would be completed by this month. After finalization of the parking rates for two-wheelers, four-wheelers (cars and SUVs) and commercial vehicles (auto-rickshaws) we would be opening it for parking by mid-April this year.

As of now, JNAC charges Rs 2 for two wheelers (bikes), Rs 5 for cars, Rs 3 for auto-rickshaws and Re 1 for bicycles in Sakchi area. The construction of the parking bays has made visitors breathe easy.

According to sources in Jusco, two more parking bays will be constructed at different places in Sakchi. Traffic DSP Vivekananda Thakur said that construction of paid parking slots was the only answer to the erratic and irregular parking menace in Sakchi.

Another traffic official said that the road obstruction and congestion due to violation of parking norms has been a problem. �We do carry out prosecution of vehicles for �no parking� violations but vehicle owners plead that they were not aware that this area was a designed �no-parking� spot.

There have been road signage installed on the road at different points but people do not bother to take a look at these signage. After consultation with Jusco we have come up with this idea.

Vehicle owners while stopping for parking on the road now cannot plead that they have not seen the signage as it would be clearly visible on road surface. This apart reflective signage will also indicate the zones even at night.�


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