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New parking regulations in Jamshedpur go for a toss on day one


Parking on main roads to be costlier

Jamshedpur, Aug. 1: Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee’s (JNAC) attempt to enforce the new parking regulation went for a toss as the civic body did not look prepared to enforce its own directive.

In an attempt to end traffic woes, JNAC had announced introduction of electronic receipts, ,colour-coded parking bays along with variable rates for on-site and off-site parking bays, monthly and daily pass and space reservation for the disabled at the earmarked parking spots from August 1. However, the commuters were left in confusion.

“I had come to know that the parking will be payable with electronic mode so I did not carry small denomination cash in my wallet. Unfortunately, the staff expressed ignorance about any provision for POS machines. When I argued about newspapers reports about such provision from today, he politely took the Rs 500 currency, which I carried and got me the loose currencies after deducting Rs 20 (the tariff for four-wheeler),” said a resident of Sakchi.

JNAC has announced increase of parking fee from Rs 5 to 10 for parking at main streets while for four wheelers it will be Rs 30 from Rs 15.

JNAC had announced parking bays to get colours – green, yellow and orange – and rates based. While off-street parking (far from markets) will be coded green and will be the cheapest. Parking nearer markets will be coded yellow and have higher rates. On-street parking (close to markets) will be coded orange and have the highest rate. Red will signify a no-parking zone.

JNAC special officer, Sanjay Pandey admitted about the inconvenience caused to commuters but promised of improve things by next week.

Prakash Sharma a social worker said that Vehicles, be it a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler, queued up in a cluttered is a common sight in the city with the authorities not addressing the problematic issue since long.

An array of cars lined up brazenly in front of hotels, shopping complexes and the numerable chowks causing traffic jam at varied hours are often not monitored.

“The traffic problem is adding to the woes of road users with the congested roads, lack of parking places, poor traffic sense among road users, especially the auto rickshaw and mini buses. It is high time that the district administration comes into action regarding the matter before the city start resembling like a mad house,” he noted.

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