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Nephew arrested for killing elderly couple in Jharkhand’s West Singhbhum

Jamshedpur, Aug 7: In a bizarre incident under  Kumardungi police station area of West Singhbhum, an elderly couple was hacked to death. The nephew of the deceased is suspected to have killed the couple. The incident took place on Friday night around 11 pm. The assailant Sanatan Barjo along with his elder brother Raghunath Barjo carried out the gruesome murder.

According to the information, the incident took place when a sound of screaming came out of Sanatan Barjo’s house at around 11 pm on Friday night. Hearing the sound, when Sanatan came out of the house, he saw a wild boar running away. With the intention of killing the animal, Sanatan ran after the pig with a hanger and a knife. Sanatan chased the animal to Gurucharan’s house. There he saw that the door of Gurucharan’s house was open. His uncle was sitting on a mat.

Out of rage Sanatan killed Gurucharan by stabbing him with a dagger on the pretext of a pig. His uncle died on the spot. After this Sanatan started searching for Gurucharan’s wife Jogon Kui. Suddenly, Sanatan met with Jogon Kui on the way. Both Sanatan and Raghunath brothers together strangled her and killed her in the courtyard.

Soon after the incident, Kumardungi police station was informed about the incident on the second day on Saturday. On reaching the spot, SI Ankita Singh, Tinku Kumar, Jairam Singh, Prakar Kumar and police force took both the bodies into custody. On the statement of the son of the deceased, the accused Sanatan Barjo was arrested by the police from the house itself. He has accepted his crime.

After the incident, Jagannathpur Sub-Divisional Police Officer Ikud Dungdung and Inspector Manoranjan Singh reached the spot and started investigation. The DSP said that the reason behind the murder is not yet clear. They are investigating the incident. 

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