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NCPCR workshop: School counsellors learn on ways to handle children�s emotional issues

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Jamshedpur, June 26 : The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) organised a day long workshop to train school representatives on ways to handle children�s emotional issues.

Organised at SNTI auditorium in Bistupur, NREP director Ranjana Mishra, chairperson of Jharkhand SCPCR ArtiKujur; Regional Deputy Director of EducationKolhan Arvind Vijay Bilung, Paresh Shah and education department officials of East Singhbhum department.

School counsellors often find it hard to handle children�s emotional issues. The slightest provocation may shut the child off and she would not probably open up to anyone. The commission is holding a series of workshops to help the counsellors deal with such situations.

� We have found that the school counsellors are not always psychology graduates. There are also social work graduates, who may not be able to pick up the body language of the children so easily. Even if they are psychologists, dealing with children is an entirely different ball game and needs specialised training,� said a speaker.

Experts noted that child rights are being violated and from tender age they were sexually harassed, mentally tortured and ill-treated at their houses, educational institutions, hostels and at work places. In some cases, the trauma they suffered were haunting the victims and they remain disturbed all through their life.
The event saw 200 teachers and principals learning about alternative way to corporal punishment and legalities associated with it.

An open platform was also organised for participants to ask questions. Questions ranged from ‘how to handle a difficult child’, and how to motivate slow learners’.

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