Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Naman takes out Bike rally to mark Birsa Jayanti in Jamshedpur


Jamshedpur: Social Organization Naman-Shaheedon Ke Sapno Ko took out a bike rally from Sakchi to pay tribute to adivasi leader Birsa Munda on his birth anniversary on Tuesday. Over 500 bikers took part in it. The rally went to Birsanagar Sunday Market and paid floral tribute at the statue of the great leader.

Founder Amarpreet Singh Kale said that Birsa Munda was a revolutionary tribal leader who died fighting for the cause of the people. Kale remembered the leader and said that the country cannot forget Munda’s contribution in the freedom struggle.  

Led by the founder of the outfit, Amarpreet Singh Kale, the bike rally toured Bhalubasa, Agrico, Baridih and reached Birsanagar to offer tribute to the statue of Birsa Munda.

On the occasion, Kale said that whenever we talk about the struggle of martyr Birsa Munda, our eyes become moist, his story of the immense loyalty and bravery of such a brave revolutionary makes us feel proud. Such a hero, who not only fought the British for his holy land, for his society and his people, for his culture and above all to protect his self-respect and the pride of the tribal community, he gave a tough fight to the British.

The beginning of the tribal struggle saga starts from the eighteenth century. From the Pahariya rebellion of 1766 to the Ghadar of 1857, the tribals continued to struggle. From 1895 to 1900, Birsa Munda’s great revolt went on ‘Ulgulan’. The tribals were continuously evicted from the water, forest-land and their natural resources and they continued to raise their voice against it.

Birsa Munda’s first attention was towards the poverty of the Munda community. Like today, the life of the tribals was still full of deprivations. There was neither proper food to eat nor clothes to wear. On one side there was poverty and on the other hand their forests were snatched away by the ‘Indian Forest Act’ 1882. The forests which were entitled to abode were evicted from the forests. Seeing this, Birsa Munda took up arms and bravely led this fight.

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