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Momentum Jharkhand earns 147.8 million plus impressions on Social Media

Ranchi, Feb. 17: Momentum Jharkhand, the Global Investor Summit 2017 in Ranchi has had many highlights to it – its lead industry presence, its showcase of business and industry, and now its social media campaign. #Momentum Jharkhand and #InvestinJharkhand overtook social media space, especially on the inaugural day of the Global Investors’ Summit, catapulting the State into prime view India wide, and in some measure overseas as well.

A quick look at numbers would indicate the phenomenal impact created by the State in social media space.

#MomentumJharkhand trending generated 147.8 million+ impressions and 28.2 Mn+ in reach on February 16, 2017. Most of the on ground events at the Summit were relayed live on Facebook. The social media campaign has been a big boost for the image of the State of Jharkhand in context of the intellectuals and twitterati. It matched in terms of traction and buzz other prominent investor summits in India.

There are many highlights to the social media campaign undertaken in Jharkhand. #MomentumJharkhand trend twice in quick intervals, viz, Feb 12 and then on Feb 16, 2017. This is a very rare practice even in serious business lead initiatives. #MomentumJharkhand trend continuously for almost 7 hours on Feb 16, 2017, which is unheard off even in trending campaigns in celebrity business.

#MomentumJharkhand in fact at one point even trended over TED Talks with Shahrukh Khan. #MomentumJharkhand trend for 7 hours almost at various slots, ranging from position 1 to 5, which is indicative of the real organic outreach and engagement.

A particularly significant contribution of the campaign is the amount of positive content and stories generated in online space for Jharkhand business and investment environment, which will stay and will always contribute to any future investment lead campaigns.

The quality and quantity of content generated for Momentum Jharkhand within a span of a week in volume exceeds multifold the content made available in previous years for #Momentum Jharkhand.

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