Saturday, December 2, 2023

Molestation in Jamshedpur: One arrested for assaulting woman in bus

Jamshedpur, May 11: Kowali police arrested Nakul Majhi for molesting and assaulting a women bus passenger on a bus plying between Pakhuria and Jamshedpur. Police also detained the bus driver and released him after filling a bond. 

The woman passenger was going as usual on the bus for doing contract work in Jamshedpur from Khairpal in Kowali thana area and the bus was empty and taking advantage of this Nakul Majhi tried to molest the woman and when she resisted assaulted her causing injury on eyes and teeth. Police have admitted the woman victim for treatment at Potka community health centre where the woman lodged a complain against the accused after which the accused was arrested and he confessed of his crime. 

The bus has been seized by the police. 

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