Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Moharda water supply restored in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, Jan 5: On Tuesday evening, due to bursting of the Raising Main Pipeline at Birsanagar end of Mohrada Drinking Water Supply Project, water supply in that area was disrupted.

Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Rai spoke to Tata Steel UISL (TSUISL) officials as soon as he got the information and repaired it in the night itself. The work started. The torn pipe was replaced with a better pipe. Meanwhile a valve was also damaged. After its repair, water supply has started from Wednesday afternoon.

On reaching the city from Ranchi on Wednesday, Saryu Rai directly reached the project site and inquired about the matter. The earlier pipe was of cast iron, after replacing it, water supply has been started to all the zones of Birsa Nagar in turn. He said that the shortcomings of Moharda Drinking Water Project are slowly coming to the fore. It is a serious matter for the Rising Main Pipeline to burst like paper. Due to this a big accident could have happened which was averted.

For cleaning the tanks, a new way will have to be made to reach their top. Because these tanks have become very weak. Tata Steel Urban Infrastructure Services was not taking the risk of cleaning them for the last twelve years citing safety, now this work will start in two-four days. Rai said that he has asked the Superintending Engineer of Drinking Water and Sanitation Department to provide a copy of the original DPR made in 2006 for the Moharda Water Supply Project in order to know about the shortcomings associated with it and to overcome them in the project- DPR of 2.

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