Monday, September 25, 2023

MNPS, XLRI students conduct survey on hygiene at Beldih Basti

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Jamshedpur: The students of Young Leaders Club of Motilal Nehru Public School (MNPS) visited the Beldih Basti on Thursday. The school students were guided by the students of XLRI, members of People for Change and club moderator Madhuja Ghosh.
The students worked on S.D.G. Goal No. 3 i.e. ensure healthy lives and promote well being for all at all ages.

Each student was given a survey sheet which contained questions to be asked from the people living there. The parameters of the survey were- medical problems faced by them, medical facilities provided to them, their source of water, average monthly expenditure on health care and the steps taken by them towards their health and well being.

While interacting with people, students came to know about their standard of health care and facilities being provided to them. Overall, people took care of themselves in a proper way and their frequency of falling sick on an average was not very high.

While the people�s response towards government hospitals was satisfactory, they remarked that expenditure on health treatment in private hospitals was unaffordable.

At the end, students distributed soaps among the people and instructed them to live a hygienic life and explained them the importance of clean habitat. It was an opportunity for the students to conduct a survey in a slum and interact with underprivileged people and know about their standard of living. Students had a wonderful experience.

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