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MNPS: Saket Kumar elected school pupil leader

Jamshedpur, May 4: Motilal Nehru Public School (MNPS) organised the installation ceremony of the Students Cabinet on Thursday.

The school cabinet was inducted at a ceremonial assembly where the student of classes IX to XII participated in voting while the nominees had election symbols and earlier did canvassing. High School teacher Ritu Sachdeva ably guided the student in this whole process. The portfolios were presented to the elected student representatives for the session 2017-18.

Saket Kumar of class XII A was elected the School Pupil Leader (SPL) and Akash Kumar of class XI A was named the Assistant School Pupil Leader (SPPL).

Shoaib Hassan of XII B was named the captain of Blue House while Siddhant Kumar of XI B was made the vice captain.
Vikash Pandey of XII B was made the captain of the Yellow House while Sameer Srivastava of XI B was elected the Vice Captain. Kashish Khan of XII C was named the captain of Green House while Priyanshu Kumari of XI B was made the Vice Captain.

In the Red house Avinash Singh of XII C was nominated the captain of Red while Vivek Kumar Singh of XI A was elected the Vice Captain.

Eleven cabinet members were also elected including Shagufa of XII B (Green), Purnima Prasad XII B (Blue), Shumayla Kamal XII B ( Green), Mehndi Raza XII C (Blue), Harshita Kumari XII C (Green), Md. Azan XII C (Blue), Pragati Goswami XII A (Yellow), Riya Singh XI A (Yellow), Amima Kashish XI B (Blue), Harsh XI B (Yellow) and Priya XI B (Yellow).

Eleven councilors included Fasiha Anjum XII B (Green), Warisha Zainab XII B (Blue), Ambika Kumari XII B (Yellow), Vikash Pandey XII B (Yellow), Ashutosh Sharma XII C (Blue), Zoha Adil XI C (Blue), Ifra Zainab XI C (Green), Vignesh XI C (Red), Pallavi Kumari XI C (Yellow), Pravin Sharma XI C (Green) and Alekhya XI C (Yellow).

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