Thursday, June 8, 2023

MNPS launches Entrepreneurship Development Program


Jamshedpur, October 21: Motilal Nehru Public School (MNPS) has initiated the Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) for students of class 11 with effect from this week. This 45 hours program includes 15 hours of practical work and 30 hours of classroom instruction.

Entrepreneurship education will be able to address some of the deficiencies in the existing education system.

Firstly, the development of entrepreneurial skills in the education system increases the supply of future entrepreneurs in the country.

Developing this competence means having the ability to be creative and flexible, to be able to take and exercise initiative and to be able to solve problems.

The school has identified that entrepreneurship education is a need and is critical for youth development and further to economic development. The aim of the project is therefore to devise a curriculum for students to demystify entrepreneurship and to be able to deliver the basic principles of entrepreneurship to students in a classroom setting.

The objective of the intervention is to develop in students several skills and traits to enable them to begin to understand and apply these skills in real life situations and also to consider entrepreneurship as a life option.

Life Skills Include self awareness, Critical Thinking, Goal setting for life, Motivation and Team work. The Business Skills Include knowing customers, Planning to satisfy customers, Product design, Market Research, Marketing, Investment skills, Profitability and Feasibility Analysis, Operational Planning, Preparation of final business plan and people management.

It further aims to develop the entrepreneurial traits in the students including Opportunity recognition, idea generation, Risk Taking and Creative Thinking. The Programme is being coordinated by �People for Change� which engages adolescents and young adults in schools of Jamshedpur and to take them through a journey of the self and help them make a connection between the self and society and to promote citizenship action.

At the launch event, the Principal informed all present about the need for the ED Programme. The larger objective of the plan is to equip students with skills to think like an entrepreneur. The programme was conducted by Sarthak and Polly of XLRI and Souvik Saha of People for Change.

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