Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Mission Annapurna campaign launched


Jamshedpur, Feb. 2: A team of �Voice of Humanity� has launched a special campaign, �Mission Annapurna,� to help feed the starving and poor people of the society.

According to the organization, one person dies every 3 to 5 seconds from hunger and urged the canteen operators in the city, residents and parties through the social media to not throw the leftover food.

Instead, they requested them to a member of the team and he/ she will collect and later distribute it among the needy, thereby stopping wastage of food and preventing poor from sleeping hungry.

The team, comprising Hari Singh, Navdeep, Mahesh, Manish, Vimal, Chitranajan, Zafar, Kalim and others, will run the campaign all over Jamshedpur.

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