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Minister Banna conspired to remove poor vendors in Jamshedpur: Saryu Roy

MLA speaks to Chief Secretary for rehabilitation of vendors at Mango
Mail News Service
Jamshedpur, March 29: Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Roy met the displaced vendors and shopkeepers of Dimna Road at Mango on Wednesday and discussed the issue of their recent removal and rehabilitation. He came here on the invitation of the shopkeepers and street vendors union. He said the shopkeepers and pavement vendors had been doing business at Dimna Road for more than 50 years. He condemned the recent anti-encroachment drive of the district administration. During Roy’s stay, several people claiming to be Congress party members protested the MLA’s visit while saying that he is not the MLA of this area and whatever the state Health Minister Banna Gupta does is right.
However, the agitating shopkeepers opposed the protest by Congress party members and chased away the supporters of Banna Gupta. Roy spoke to the affected shopkeepers about the current situation and their demands. The shopkeepers said that no prior notice was given by the district administration to demolish their shops. They said their shops were razed down at night with bulldozers and cranes.
More than 250 shops were demolished simultaneously but no arrangement was made by the administration to rehabilitate the affected vendors and shopkeepers. As a result of which all the shopkeepers have been rendered jobless and a deep crisis of livelihood is looming over their families, said a vendor. 
Roy said that the district administration did not have a written order to demolish any shop. It is clear here that Banna Gupta has got the shops demolished under a conspiracy, he alleged. 
Roy said he had come to Mango to meet the shopkeepers. Some people belonging to Congress party are not liking my intervention in this matter and they are opposing my arrival, he said, adding further, “We will not allowed it to happen that whoever the minister wants will get a shop and the one who is not favoured by him will not get shops. No favoritism would be allowed in shop allotments, he said.

All the affected shopkeepers should be settled under the rules and regulations of the state government, said Roy. The MLA spoke to the Chief Secretary of the state in this regard and urged him to investigate the incident. He said that he will talk to the administrative officials of the district in this regard and demand that all the shopkeepers be rehabilitated according to the rules.

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