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MGMCH: Two more children die in 24 hours, toll rises to 103


Jamshedpur, Aug. 28: Two more children including a newborn baby died at the MGM Medical College and Hospital during the past 24-hours, taking the total count of deaths at the paediatric ward to 103 (including 86 newborns) in July and August so far at MGM Medical College Hospital.

According to information, the newborn, who died last night was referred to the MGM Medical College Hospital from a community health centre (CHC) in West Singhbhum’s Goelkera block.

The new born died of underweight complications while the other death was that of an eight-year-old boy who was HIV positive and was referred to the government heal hub from the Anti Retroviral Therapy ( ART) centre.

The HIV patient was treated in a separate isolated bed at the paediatric ward.

The hospital is reeling under shortage of doctors, staff nurses, ward attendants and even cleaning staff, at the paediatric department.

At the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) there were 11 newborn babies ( all below 28 days) and all of them were kept in four radiant warmers (advanced form of incubators) while six other newborns ( above 28 days) were under treatment at the Post-natal Intensive Care Unit (PICU).

A staff requesting anonymity said, ” We have choice but to keep more than one newborn in a warmer. It is because two of the warmers are defunct and the flow of newborns having post-natal complications is high.he situation is getting out of control”

Superintendent of MGM Medical College Hospital Bhartendu Bhushan said that steps are being taken to provide better facilities.

He added that deaths of 60 new born babies took place in the month of July . According to him, comparatively a sizeable number of new born babies were admitted to the hospital with post-natal complications in that month.

” Of 60 deaths, 12 new babies who died were born in our hospital and they died due to post-natal complications as well as malnutrition while the remaining 48 new born babies were referred cases from other hospitals of Kolhan region and bordering areas,” he said.

Activists of Jharkhand Human Rights Conference staged demonstration at DC office and handed over a memorandum. They had demanded a CBI inquiry or judicial probe into the deaths.

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