Thursday, November 30, 2023

Mercury soars to 42 degrees in steel city

Jamshedpur: Mercury rose steeply on Sunday to touch 42 degree Celsius mark, leading steel city people to take shelter in their houses to avoid the beaming sun. The scorching weather grew harsher with each passing hour till evening when the situation became somewhat tolerable with the sundown.

City streets and corners wore an abandoned look in the afternoon due to the unbearable heat outside. It being a Sunday, the compulsion to go out for long hours was not there to keep people outdoors. At downtown places like Bistupur and Sakchi, crowd of people dwindled down to a handful of shoppers here and there by the afternoon.

Coming as a faint relief is the news of arrival of monsoon which is expected to hit Kerala four days late. This time the weather department has forecast the monsoon arrival in Kerala by 5th June. In Jharkhand, the monsoon may take 15 days more to enter. The monsoon showers may give the much awaited relief to the city people by 20th June, sources said.

Weather department had earlier forecast that the monsoon will be normal in Jharkhand and Bihar this year, though it may not be the same in rest of the country. However, monsoon showers are surely going to give the much needed relief to the people from the unbearable heat.

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