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Manufacturing Happiness Where You are with What You Are: Prof Santosh Sharma

Mail News Service

Seraikela, Dec 4:  It is said that if happiness was made in a factory, then every man with every penny would have been happy. But the irrefutable truth is that money can never buy happiness. But a factory to create happiness is being created in the middle of the beautiful plains of Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary where happiness will be found in such a way that wherever you are with whoever you are, there will be happiness for you. Professor Santosh Sharma is working on similar lines for ‘manufacturing’ happiness with the inspiration he gained from late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the Missile Man. Professor Sharma has started Manufacturing Happiness in the heart of Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary on a 68 acre land plot. The purpose is to build a bridge to bridge gap between India and India. Professor Sharma said that with his 120 entrepreneurs, he was working on such projects in 120 different cities of the country. “We are trying to provide a place and space where frayed nerves can settle down to normalcy amidst a rural environment adjacent to Jamshedpur. When I was called by Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to see the book written by him, I derived inspiration from his book, The book, Dijolbha the Box, that is an attempt to awaken the inner powers of the mind and body and find happiness within oneself,” observed the professor.

Manufacturing Happiness, is an inspiration from Dr Abdul Kalam’s book, Dijolbha The Box. ‘Where You Are With What You Have’ is being created on 68 acres of Sanctuary land where visitors will come to cast off all their anxieties and turn homeward, with a completely relaxed body and mind to resume their various activities.

Organic farm, farm tourism and dairy farm are being developed on 68 acres of land. In the first phase, one hundred cows are being reared in a completely indigenous manner in the dairy farm. At present, about 160 female and male laborers are associated with the farm in a voluntary capacity. This project, once completed, will later be developed as a Smart Farm by connecting the youth to this ambitious project. By way of remuneration is provided in a unique manner. Every worker is provided half a liter of milk everyday and the wages of the male workers is handed to their wives, as a step to curb drinking spree.

Professor Santosh Sharma said, “A space research suggests that more happiness is seen in villages than in cities. It means that wealth has nothing to do with happiness. Efforts are being made to give some moments of relaxed life through ‘Manufacturing Happiness Where You Are With What You Have.’ There is a plan to connect the youth to it by developing tourism in a completely natural and organic environment so that the disorientation of uncultured modernity can be stopped among the youth.”

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