Sunday, December 10, 2023

Mango residents to get clean drinking water soon

Jamshedpur: The residents of Mango will soon get clean drinking water round the clock. The state government has set the ball rolling in this regard. A Hyderabad-based company has begun a survey in this regard. The company as well as a team of Judco are conducting a study to find out ways to supply pure drinking water to the Mango residents all the way from the water treatment plant. The teams inspected the water filter and treatment plant in Mango. Cleanliness status of around half a dozen water tanks was also inspected by the team officials.

The officials said several design-related changes were needed at some places. In order to maintain right pressure of water, reconstruction work may also be needed at some places, officials said, adding that they would include these points in the proposal to the government.

There are around 28,000 households having piped water connection. The MNAC officials plan to provide connections to 40,000 households. Connections are being given to new households. There are half a dozen water towers where water is stored for distribution purpose.

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