Thursday, March 23, 2023

Man falls prey to train drug-and-loot gang


Jamshedpur : Drug-and-loot gangs are making their presence felt after a lull of a year. Looting and duping passengers the gang members have left railway police split hairs over the area of their operation.

In yet another incident a man Padam Bahadur Karki was found seriously ill at a coach of Puri New Delhi Purushottam Express near Kharagpur railway station.

The victim, was robbed of Rs 35, 000 cash on being drugged in the train. The man was found in an unconscious condition after consuming packaged water.

“ The criminals might have tried to pretext as hawkers and sell drug-laced food items. These are not stray incidents and the gangs continue to operate in a certain area for some time.

Unlike other criminals, drug-and-loot gangs have to board trains and befriend victims. This takes some time,” said an official.

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