Thursday, November 30, 2023

Man donates late mother�s eyes to Roshni

Jamshedpur, Oct 6: Roshni Jamshedpur gets yet another donation with the death of Bharati Kamdar �who died due to cardiac arrest in the ICU Unit of Brahmananda Hospital, Tamolia.

She was 73 years old, After the death her son Siddhartha Kamdar �immediately showed keen interest in donating her mother’s eyes and expressed their desire to the treating doctors and nurses about this.

Parvinder Singh Kapoor, Assistant Secretary, Roshni was then immediately contacted by Brahmananda Hospital, Tamolia for the needful.�

Dr. B. Chakravorty and Mahanand Prasad of Jamshedpur Eye Hospital along with Rakesh Patel of Roshni went for the procedure at the hospital and harvested both the corneas in the presence of family member.

Tata Main Hospital as earlier practice was kind enough to provide the Ambulance to fetch the team to the hospital for timely harvesting of the corneas.�

Roshni salutes the spirit of Kamdar family for this noble gesture which is going to help restore sight of two corneally blind people who were waiting for years.

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