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Majhi Babas oppose move to make Mango municipal corporation area

Jamshedpur, August 30: The Majhi Babas have opposed the move to install Municipal Corporation in all the 13 districts under the ambit of the Fifth Schedule area of Jharkhand state, including Mango.

 More than 50 Majhi Babas of the Parganas of Asanbani, Kalikapur and Haldipokhar participated in a joint meeting at Narwa Pahad under Potka Block on Monday. A decision was taken to organize Mahagram Sabha at Baliguma Tilka Stadium in Mango area on Monday, September 20.

Majhi Baba Deepak Murmu of Mango area said that in 1950, self-government system was implemented in the Fifth Schedule area of Jharkhand. “Majhi Baba runs the village. Formation of Municipal Corporation will mean election of mayor, ward members, Ceiling Act implementation among others and under such circumstances, the tribal communities would lose their right over huge proportion of land. Hundreds of acres of land will be snatched away from them and will be given to outsiders who will be settled on these land portions in the name of development.”

The Majhi Babas were united in their statement that If their demands were not accepted, they would appeal to the Governor, the President the High Court to the Supreme Court, in their fight for justice. “We will not allow Mango to be made a Municipal Corporation,” they said.

Ledem Kisku said that with the formation of a municipal corporation, the hunting rights of the tribals on water, forest and land (Jal, Jungle, Zameen) would cease. Self-government system would end. “There is a need for mass movement,” he said. A strategy to the effect was drawn up in Potka today. Hari Pado Murmu said, As long as even a single drop of blood remains in the body, the opposition to Municipal Corporation will continue. The government is trying to eliminate the tribals. Till now not a single law has been made which is in the interest of tribals. 21 villages of the area were destroyed when Tata Steel came into existence. Self-government system is applicable as per the Fifth Schedule area. In such a situation, the government should not install Municipal Corporation in Mango otherwise there will be strong opposition.”

In this meeting Pargana Hari Pado Murmu, Kalikapur side Pargana Punta Murmu, Pathar Chakri Majhi Babas Dasmath Murmu, Deepak Murmu, Ledem Kisku, Viren Tudu, Duson Tudu, Shivcharan Hansda, Jai Ram Murmu, Bhagwat Soren, Mangal Kisku, Vishwanath Hansda, Raja Soren and others participated in the meeting.

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