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Magdu villager sets example by reaping benefits of govt scheme

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Jamshedpur, Feb 4: Gumdi Murmu until recently was an average farmer eking a living through his meager farm produce. This farmer, a resident of Magdu village in Harina Panchayat of Potka Block has proved that positive intents can break the barriers of impossibility. It was during the pandemic period that Gumdi Murmu had a pond measuring 30’x30’x10’constructed through the MGNREGA scheme at an estimated cost of Rs 28,729. The construction work which commenced in May last and by monsoon, it was completed. With collection of rain water, he released classified fish fry (Rohu, Katla and Mrigal) and today, Gumdi boasted that they had grown upto one kilogram in weight each at an average. He also purchased ducklings that have now grown. Simultaneously, he utilized the remaining portion of his farmland measuring five acres to grow sugarcane, brinjals, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, cauliflowers, mustard and coriander.

Gumdi Murmu

Gumdi Murmu is well on his way to becoming a financially established farmer who has benefitted from the government schemes. He said, “During the lockdown phase, the government had launched several projects including personal income avenues for the rural people and we got vital information from the Block administration. I too opted for the scheme of self employment and today, my tight monetary condition has changed for the better. My income has increased manifold and I am a happy family man and farmer.”

His crops that he sowed in November last have the colour of plenty. He has earned Rs 10,000 so far from vegetable sales and the figures will only grow when he starts selling his fish, ducks and duck eggs. Time augers well for this farmer and soon, with his wise investment through the benefit of self employment government schemes and his own labour Gumdi Murmu is well on the way to socio-economic prosperity.


Govt schemes during pandemic times provided work, earning ways: Saraswati

Saraswati Murmu

Pointing out towards Gumdi Murmu’s pond, former Harina Panchayat Mukhiya Saraswati Murmu said that the state government’s several projects including Poto Ho Sports Field, Birsa Harit Kranti, Nilambar Pitambar Jal Samriddhi Yojna, pond construction and others during the pandemic period had not only provided income opportunities to people but also set them on their earning ways. “Gumdi Murmu had constructed a pond in a portion of his farmland in front of his house. The labourers who were employed on the job under MGNREGA scheme earned money and Gumdi too is now into pisciculture, duck farming and of course his usual vegetable crop. He is now a model farmer who needs to be emulated,” she stated.

People should take advantage of govt schemes: Gumdi Murmu

“When the government draws up social and economic schemes, it has the poor, needy, farmers and deprived in mind. People should stay attuned to these schemes and pick the ones most suitable for them and work honestly and sincerely for their economic betterment. I am utilizing the pond that I had constructed for pisciculture, duck farming and also using the waters for irrigation.”

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