Sunday, November 27, 2022

Madrasi Sammelan prays for well being of all

Jamshedpur, July 20: During the auspicious month of “Aadi” (in Tamil), praying to Holy Mother is common in whole of Tamil Nadu.

Like previous years, this year also, the Madrasi Sammelan had organized “Bhagavati Seva” on Sunday. As part of this puja, 3 sacred deepams (lights) were lit and puja was performed to it.

The difference in this puja is the Bhog was offered to the Mother Goddess before the start of the puja.

The puja is performed for the wellbeing of the mankind as in this month lots of planetary movements are there and there are chances of people falling ill.

To ward off malefide effects, Pujas for Mother Goddess are performed throughout the month.

The Bhagavati Seva at Madrasi Sammelani was witnessed by all the members and their families who were offered prasad at the conclusion of the puja.

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