Thursday, December 7, 2023

Luggage scanner installed at Tatanagar Railway Station

Jamshedpur : The A1-category Tatanagar railway station has been equipped with luggage scanner which has been installed and put on trial from Sunday. It has been installed at the entrance of the platform No 1 and and will soon become operational round-the-clock.

Railway Protection Force (RPF), Tatanagar which will operate the scanner has received instructions for making it operational.

RPF inspector, MK Singh pointed out that the RPF personnel will operate the scanner which will be a boost safety of that important station which falls on the Howrah-Mumbai main line.

” We are getting about half-a-dozen RPF personnel trained for operating the luggage scanner. It will take three days for the personnel to become trained and then only the scanner will put for the use,” said the RPF inspector.

Singh pointed out earlier the passengers would have to be subjected to checking by TTE while getting out of the platform, but now the passengers will have to get their luggage scanned while entering into the platform.

An official of a Noida-based company, Vehant Technologies Pvt Ltd has provided the luggage scanner said that it is a 5.5 metre-long and one metre wide machine having an overhead monitor. The deck where the luggage scanning will be carried out is 3.5 metre long and the remaining two metres will be rollers — one metre on either side.

According to sources, the Tatanagar railway authority concerned have also installed CCTV cameras so as to cover the system.

According to the RPF inspector, though a large number of passengers carry luggage for catching their trains, they would not have to wait much at the luggage scanning machine as it only six seconds for luggage of one passenger.

Railways decided to strengthen security measures in major railway stations. Installation of X-ray scanning machine was one of the measures.

The machine will be able to detect the contents in hand baggage carried by passengers walking into the Tatanagar railway station. The commissioning of the scanning machine is only the beginning, the sources said, adding that more security measures would be put in place soon.

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