Sunday, December 3, 2023

Local industrialists honored

Jamshedpur: Under the Mango Mandal, the BJP honored the clean environmental initiative of making plastic bags free of self-employment and the market for creating self-employment.

During this time BJP workers expressed their good wishes by presenting them with Angavastras, flowers and flowers. On this occasion, metropolitan president Gunjan Yadav said that the mantra vocal for Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not just a slogan. It is such a mantra to carry forward the business of the country, to handle the people and economy endangered by the fear of job loss, whose significance cannot be doubted.

He said that in all the mandals of BJP Jamshedpur metropolis, under the leadership of Mandal President, the local product under Mandal area was recognized at the state and national level.

He said that it is time to revive the local industries which were ignored in the era of globalization. Referring to the idea of Mahatma Gandhi, he said that during the freedom struggle, Bapu understood the power of Swadeshi and independence. BJP workers in Mandal area urged to promote the use of local produce.

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